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Thrill and Chill
Why Can't We Live Together
by Blue House Lounge
© Copyright - Timmy Thomas / Blue House Music (888174939506)
Enjoy an all time classic which drifts from an organic dance floor track to our chill out lounge area.
Genre: Urban/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
Release Date: 2014
Blue House Lounge - is managed by the Blue House Music Label and a sort of melting pot for all different genres with an accent on cool relaxing music. Young talents, crazy old and new ideas and everything in between finds its home at Blue House Music - the independent music label from Germany found in 2000.
We are constantly looking for singers.
For contact write to: bluehousemusic (at)
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Blue House Lounge "3"

A melange of atmospheric chillout instrumentals paired with short pop stories by great vocalists.
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