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AMSTERDAM _ _ _ Welcome to a Music experience that goes beyond today's Muzak.

Blue House wants not to stress on how good this CD is – honestly speaking – there are many good tunes out in today's music landscape (although we know that there is even more crap out), but please be assured that once you are willing to take this ear-trip that you most probably will enjoy it.

You should find the time and the right mood, whether if it is alone at night, on the road, or your best friend's house in a chill out situation. If you find it cool while you are ironing your shirts and skirts, it is also fine with us. It is even okay if you run a supermarket and want to play it there. But we do not think that it is suitable –it can not compete with that kind of Music and has not necessarily the impact on your sales amount that you might expect.

Blue House Lounge – Amsterdam - is an album for lovers and cool relaxing moments, when commercial hassle and serious big classic pieces have not their entrance and the next dance party is a Saturday Night away.

Live is colorful and moods are changing, like Amsterdam in an Underwater Melody with a lot of Young Vibes that lingers in a Chinese Outro, even if you have passed the age of 24.
We are pleased to serve you with some good tunes and hope you like them as much as we do. At the right time and at an individual moment and place you choose.
Enjoy the music.

Listen and download the Album Amsterdam here

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Why Can't We Live Together
by Blue House Lounge
© Copyright - Timmy Thomas / Blue House Music (888174939506)
Enjoy an all time classic which drifts from an organic dance floor track to our chill out lounge area.
Genre: Urban/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
Release Date: 2014
Blue House Lounge - is managed by the Blue House Music Label and a sort of melting pot for all different genres with an accent on cool relaxing music. Young talents, crazy old and new ideas and everything in between finds its home at Blue House Music - the independent music label from Germany found in 2000.
Kid Charlemagne

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